STICK2HOCKEY Mini 5's, Super 6's, Hockey 7's, Full Field Development Caroline Fernandez (S2H Coordinator) 0416 079 969 juniors@diamondbacks.com.au
Games are played on Saturdays afternoons. Rosters are in line with each of the four school terms. All players must register online with Hockey Tasmania; HT annual fee is $5 for 8&Under, $35 for 9+; Club fee is $30/term.

UNDER 13 GIRLS DIV 1 Graham Reid (Coach) grazza8@hotmail.com; Moira van Dorsselaer (Manager) benton@netspace.net.au 0419 213 998; Training - Thurs 5:30-6:30pm; Games played Fridays 5:15, 6:15, 7:15, 8:15pm

UNDER 13 GIRLS DIV 2 Skye Lawler (Co-Coach) sllawler15@gmail.com 0427 522 188; Emma Price (Co-Coach) emma.price@catholic.tas.edu.au 0408 741 559;Games days/times TBA; Training - Thursdays 5-6pm

UNDER 13 BOYS DIV 1 Dana McCallum & Marcelle Ottaway (Co-Coaches) danajmccallum@hotmail.com 0438 041 073; mottaway@internode.on.net 0409770453; Games played Fridays from 5pm; Training - Thursdays 5-6pm

UNDER 13 BOYS DIV 2 Stu Beltz (Coach) 0417 527 594 beltzs@bigpond.com Manager TBA Games days/times TBA; Training - Thursdays 5-6pm

UNDER 15 GIRLS Georgia Williams (Coach); Bianca Pritchard (Mentor Coach) 0400 290 575 biancalp@me.com; Caroline Fernandez (Manager) 0416 079 969; Games played Fridays 5:15, 6:15, 7:15, 8:15pm; Training - Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

UNDER 15 BOYS Angus Yeates (Coach) yeatesan@gmail.com; Matt Gee (Assistant Coach) matt@taswalkingco.com.au; Suzi Pritchard (Manager) 0417521747 sl.pritchard@bigpond.com; Games played Mondays from 5pm; Training - Thurs 5:30-6:30pm

UNDER 18 GIRLS Tom Astle (Coach) tomastle1996@gmail.com 0497 881 568; Len Fernandez (Mentor Coach) leonardfernandez28@gmail.com; Manager TBA; Games played Monday nights; Training - Wednesdays 7-8pm

UNDER 18 BOYS Doug Shephard (Coach) doug.shephard93@gmail.com; Stephen Oliver (Mentor Coach) stephen@tasisle.com.au 0439 327 288; Manager TBA


DiamondBacks Hockey Club recognises that the future great players of hockey will come from our junior ranks. As such our club is committed to providing a safe, encouraging environment for our young players, whilst giving them expert coaching and ample development opportunities. We work closely with Hockey Tasmania to ensure we are aligned to regional and state development programmes and opportunities.

Our club has teams in all age groups for both boys and girls and young players can be introduced in to hockey in our Mini 5's, Super 6's, Hockey 7's and FullField 10's that provide modified ground size and rules to help their transition in to hockey.

For those players successful at making it to State, or even National, level, the club provides some financial support (see our Rebates section below).

If your son or daughter is considering hockey, please consider our club, as they will make great friends, have fun, and get fit doing it. Please Contact Us if you have any additional questions.


Getting into hockey can be expensive if you want all the best gear, but this is no different to any sport.

It is however recommended that when first getting into hockey you start with entry standard equipment and then move to more expensive gear if you wish to continue.

The minimum equipment requirements are a hockey stick, shinpads, mouthguard, turf shoes and protector (box). Under 13s and younger may get away with just sandshoes rather than turf shoes. Excluding shoes, you should be able to purchase the other gear for under $100. Shoes start as low as $30.

Players who play in a defensive role which requires them to defend a penalty corner are encouraged to purchase a face mask - speak with the staff in the Just Hockey Shop at the THC for advice on what is the most suitable type for you/your child.

DiamondBacks Hockey Club requires all players to wear the club uniform (some exceptions for S2H players). A new uniform (playing top, shorts/skirt & socks) will cost around $110 and can be ordered by contacting our Uniform Coordinator, Jenny Geeves uniforms@diamondbacks.com.au . Some second-hand uniforms may be available.

Registration fees vary from club to club and season to season. The fees are generally made up of 3 components:

  • Fees charged by Hockey Tasmania to cover the costs associated with maintaining the Tasmanian Hockey Centre and administration of the statewide hockey competitions;
  • Umpiring levy to cover the costs of payment of umpires; and
  • Club Fee to cover training, games and administration costs

Our Club Fee for juniors is $275 (tbc) for the 2019 season, with Stick2Hockey players set at $30 per term. The costs for seniors ranges from $495 – $660 (tbc). Major discounts apply for goalies to recognise the additional costs of purchasing their own goalie equipment.


Tasmanian children aged 5 to 17 who are listed on a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card, or who are in Out of Home Care, are eligible for a voucher of up to $100 in value to be used towards the cost of club membership. For more information, visit this site: https://www.communities.tas.gov.au/ticket-to-play


DiamondBacks Hockey Club understands that the cost of playing hockey can be prohibitive to some individuals and families. If you are interested in playing, but believe it is cost prohibitive, please contact the club. We cannot afford to help everyone, but there is nothing lost from asking. Payment plans are the easiest way we can assist members.

Another means of reducing the cost of playing is to get involved in the running and management of the club. Rebates are offered to thank volunteers for their contribution to making our club successful.

Below lists some of the current rebates/rewards on offer:

  • Coach Rebates: (1) Registered players coaching 1st Grade will have their subscription fee waived ( If two or more players share this role, the benefit will be shared accordingly) (2) Registered A Pool players coaching Juniors will have a 50% discount off their subscription fee ( If two or more players share a coaching appointment, the discount will be shared accordingly) (3) Registered A Pool players coaching B Pool will have a 25% discount off their subscription fee ( If two or more players share a coaching appointment, the discount will be shared accordingly) (4) Registered B Pool players coaching B Pool or Juniors will have a $100 discount off their subscription fee ( If two or more players share a coaching appointment, the discount will be shared accordingly) (5) Registered players who are appointed to coach/manage a S2H team will receive a discount equivalent to $25/term up to a maximum of $100/year, off their player subscription in the following year.
  • Manager Rebate: Registered players managing a team will have a $50 discount off their subscription fee ( If two or more players share a manager role, the discount will be shared accordingly)
  • State Team Rebates: Senior: $100 Credit; Junior/Masters: $50 Credit; Junior / Masters Australian Rep: 50% rebate off player subscription fee; Senior Australian Rep: full rebate of player subscription fee. State Team rebates will be applied to the following season's subscriptions.
  • Other service identified as having value will be assessed on merit by Club Board.
  • Coach & Umpire accreditation courses: 50% reimbursement of course fees